Voila, the list of our clients.
That’s it.
We’re very sorry we can’t give you more than this.

As we mostly work on highly confidential, strategic & innovation projects,
it is impossible to share stuff about this collaborations.*
This (fast growing) list is a selected mix of Stockmanverstraete clients of the past year (and the future),

and individual clients Kate Stockman or Isabel Verstraete worked with in their own companies,
Squid & Food for Thought.
Most of them we still work for today.

Stockmanverstraete works for a wide diversity of national & international companies in FMCG, fashion, food, design,
communication & media, finance
and entertainment (yeah, all the fun stuff, we know)

If you do want to know more about what we can do for your brand,
company, institution or project, please give us a call and send us a message.
We will be happy to guide you trough our portfolio, way of working and different services.

We’d be glad to explain you how an I-Scan works and what you can expect from it.
We walk you trough different workshop formula’s and show you different trend implementation techniques.

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*Once you become a Stockmanverstraete client, you will appreciate our discretion even more.