Clients Say

StockmanVerstraete gave us an interesting point of view on how to address some new potential customers. While explaining us the customer needs, they challenged us in a positive way.”

“To stay on the top of your career it’s important to be passionate, courageous, true and a believer in yourself and your ideas. Listen and learn from constructive critics. Being surrounded by people who see the best in you, accomplished to get it out there to those who listen, who are honest and really caring, people who are informed of everything what is moving in the food industry. That is what I expected and still getting of those two fabulous ladies. Personality, humor, punch with a solid dash of knowledge, they got it all! Thank you Kate and Isabel

“Ik kijk altijd uit naar de projecten die ik samen met Isabel en Kate kan doen. Ze reiken me telkens veel nieuwe, verrassende inzichten aan. Ze kijken op een heel verfrissende, menselijke manier naar de wereld, naar consumenten en naar merken. Isabel & Kate slagen er als geen ander in een positieve energie te creeëren rond projecten waardoor we als vanzelf vooruit worden geduwd, in de juiste richting. Twee professionele, warme top madammen!”

“I got to know Kate Stockman and Isabel Verstraete as a duo during their work for the relaunch of 3Suisses France in 2014. Stockman-Verstraete: a complementary team: creative strategy & strategic creativity. Thinkers & do-ers. Girls who say frankly and straight forward what needs to be done and why. Hurrah! And, girls who, after the analyses, put on their boots and roll up their sleeves to boost up your brand, company and business.”

“Ter Beke heeft Kate en Isabel uitgedaagd om zijn commercieel en operationeel team niet enkel te inspireren en te doorspekken met nieuwste foodontwikkelingen, maar tevens het belang van innovatie te onderlijnen door bold de confrontatie met ons aan te gaan.  Ze hebben ons alle hoeken van de kamer laten zien op 2 dagen tijd in een Wakey Wakey-programma, helemaal tailored opgezet en ontwikkeld. Het was en is geweldig!  Mooi, goed, intens, juist, Bam. De Girl Power van Stockmanverstraete werkt, dat is duidelijk.”

“Uit de samenwerking met Stockmanverstraete heb ik geleerd om alles meer van op afstand te bekijken, meer inzicht te krijgen, opnieuw naar de core te gaan om tenslotte doelgericht en ten gepaste tijde aktie te ondernemen. Bedankt Isabel & Kate!”

"In 2015, we’ve undertaken the exercise of deep dive in our brand personality with the assistance of Stockmanverstraete. They were really helpful in finding effective ways to get every department onboard, even the ones usually the furthest away from the Branding concepts. This allowed an easy adoption of the message internally as well as an even more consistent communication externally."

“Door de combinatie van het nodige professionalisme en enthousiasme zorgde Isabel ervoor dat iedereen zeer betrokken deelnam aan de workshop. Het was een plezier om met haar samen te werken.”

Kate Stockman feels and observes, like no one else, what is happening in this rapidly changing world. She has a natural talent to spot and understand trends, but not like the average traditional trendwatcher who looks at trends to ‘write a book and predict the future’. Kate is far from that cliché. She analyses consumer behaviour and tells us how to act and work with these insights. What do they mean for us as a business? Besides a sharp strategic insight, Kate has the ability to translate this directions and knowledge to understandable, operational plans that actually work. This makes her highly valuable.”

Isabel helped us with the repositioning of Bpost bank. Her contribution and working frame were very useful. Isabel understands well the consumer drivers and bringing this consumer point of view to the table was always refreshing, interesting and helped Bpost bank in a pragmatic way.”

"An intense, powerful and hands on brainstorm coaching by Kate Stockman put the fundaments and a strong base for the further successful brand concept development and positioning of Eskimo. More specific, the value & personality definition of our brand Eskimo turned out to be spot on and serves on regular bases as a guideline and beacon in our strategic choices and growth projects.
Kate has the talent and the methodology to bring life and content to sleeping brand stories and to confront & challenge you with entrepreneurial opportunities."

"Isabel did a great job for the Lee Cooper brand! We found a new dynamism together in our communication strategy. Isabel is an expert in social media and works in a very effective and innovative way. With her creative partners we always find new and fresh ideas, which is very important in a quickly changing society. We believe in a long-lasting and challenging collaboration!"

"Kate not only knows and feels brands in a great way, she’s just a brand on her own."

"The i-scan helped us to lay the foundations for everything the Bach Society has done since, and we return to it more often than we ever could have imagined."

"Kate, thank you for your amazing trend contribution on this book. Our frequent, weekly talks about marketing, people, and the world are indispensable for me to shape my own vision."

Kate leerde ons met andere ogen naar ons bedrijf kijken. Alle opportuniteiten werden onder de loep genomen. Haar benadering heeft ons terug een frisse kijk gegeven op het potentieel van ons bedrijf, waardoor we met hernieuwde energie aan de slag zijn gegaan en met succes nieuwe paden hebben bewandeld.”

"What means Isabel to us, Caffénation, Speciality Coffee Roasters? SHE IS MY 'GOOD TASTE'. Every time we are working on a new product, packaging or service and get stuck in the final stages, we call in Isabel. "What do you think" is our most common question. Asking that, we keep our cool and pretend we know it all ourselves,
but actually we don't know it anymore and are scared the shit to take the wrong decision these matters. Either way we don't have the right taste - we're just coffee guys - or we've been on it too long and too close to still 'see' it.
 Every time we're in this process with Isabel, we are 'shocked' how fast and accurate her comments are and how appropriate her
advises sound like. And after implementing them, we always are happy we asked her eye, cause it was the one we didn't
have ourselves on that crucial moment."