Bye bye aubergine!

Bye bye aubergine! by Kate Stockman

Also one of the folks that likes to use emoji’s in every Whatsapp message or Instagram post?
Go ahead but be aware of the fact that some items have a total different meaning than the one you had in mind.

Take the aubergine.

For you a quite big, purple vegetable that you use in a French ratatouille. For others the perfect equivalent of a dick. Good to know but are we satisfied with the aubergine for our dirty emoji talks? Not quite it seems. Not the right size, a weird color and just one to use from. But, better times ahead. Brand new emoji’s are scheduled for release on June 21 and the new designs will be included in the Unicode 9.0 update. But before you think designers went wild on sex related icons, think again.

The emoji’s can be use normal; household stuff, cute animals, more trendy food etc. It’s our call, to make a choice and find a replacement or at least some alternatives in the new collection. Any suggestions?

Pick a cucumber, the humble pickle, a curly little croissant or an even more impressive baguette.
And for the female version (that is the peach, no surprise…), you can start selecting too.

Be creative and have fun!




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