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About Us


Stockman. Verstraete. Together. Sounds pretty simple hum?
Actually it is. It is logic. It is right for today’s spirit.
Together is not just more fun, but definitely more ping pong, more experience and more brains.

Our knockout combo packs a powerful creative and strategic punch, joining together 2 x 20+ years of experience in international, multinational, local or small emerging brands & industries, food and fashion, design & lifestyle, fast moving and institutional.

The result is more than the sum of its parts, even though those parts are already quite impressive we are told.

Ok, so ‘the sum is more than…’ what does that mean, exactly?
It means our twosome comes with a formidable network of creative and innovative minds in any field necessary.

Helping your company and your brand is not about us, it’s about the Stockmanverstraete team*.

*the world’s best talent in any field necessary.

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