Kate Stockman

Kate Stockman is a creative, intuitive thinker & trend forecaster who believes in cross-disciplinary solutions.  She developed a passion for future brand positioning and powerful through-the-line-communication during the 20 years she worked as Creative & Marketing Director (Creneau International, Addict Creative Lab, Mutationspotting, Demonstrate , Square Melon).

In 2012, Kate Stockman founded her “agency-that-is-not”, after racking up an impressive resume at some of the most respected agencies around. Kate ventured out on her own to focus her energy and experience on trend-based innovation & transformation projects for renowned design, fashion, food & FMCG clients.

Kate is guest professor Idea & innovation MGT at Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels where she teaches Trendwatching. She writes trend columns, has an international blog on contemporary culture and is an upcoming speaker/coach on (inter)national trend, marketing seminars, workshops & brainstorms.

Check out Kate’s international blog where she writes about contemporary culture http://www.thesquidstories.com/ .